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Prep and after care are important.
Take care of your services for the best results!

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A successful lash extension experience is really a partnership between the aesthetician and the client. The aestheticians responsibility is to apply the lashes (classics, volumes or hybrids) and the clients responsibility is to care for them. It is extremely important for both partners to do their jobs or the experience will not work out. Lash extensions are extremely delicate and cannot be treated like strip lashes.

Learn about how best to take care of your lashes here. Learn about types of lashes here.

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Facials are generally very relaxing and soothing. Your esthetician will explain to you what the treatment steps will be. Be sure to communicate with your esthetician during the facial if any product burns, itches, or if you need anything or have any questions. Otherwise, just lie back and enjoy the experience.


Learn more about facials and what to expect here.
Busy? Learn about our take-home facials here.

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There are two types of wax: hard and soft. Hard wax, which is easier on delicate skin, is often used on the face, underarms, and bikini area. Soft wax is used on the legs, arms, back, and chest. Waxing reduces hair growth when performed at regular 30-day intervals. Because waxing pulls the hair out by the root, it grows back softer, finer, and thinner. The more you wax, the less hair grows back.

Learn more about waxing and care tips here.


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Enhancing your lips can enhance your confidence! Here are some tips to help with your lip services. Bliss uses a topical numbing. If you are prone to cold sores take an antiviral a day before and the morning of. Don't take Aspirin 24 hours before your service. Your lips will be bright red and swollen when you leave the studio. They should feel normal but chapped the next day. 


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Carrie B.

Bonnie is amazing at what she does! She does an AMAZING job on my lashes. I’ve gone back to her for fills and will continue to see her.  Her space is super clean/nice and the time flies when I’m there because it’s so comfy. Also, she is about as kind and genuine as a person can be. She truly cares about her clients and wants them to look and feel their best. Highly recommend!

Debbie E.

Bonnie is a professional who listens to my needs then is able to follow through. Her salon is always clean and welcoming and I’ve found her prices to be competitive. She also carries a line of skin care products called Skin Script which I use regularly. This line has helped my skin tone even out and look more youthful. I have recommended Bonnie to several of my friends for facials, permanent makeup and lashes and will continue to do so.

Clay B.

I received a facial at Bliss Aesthetics Studio and had a wonderful experience from Bonnie. This was my first experience getting a facial and Bonnie took her time asking me detailed questions of how my skin care regimen. I would highly recommend to anyone if your looking for someone to take care of your skincare needs she is a true professional. Her pricing is fabulous as well which never hurts.

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